My Life in a Nutshell (or in GIFS):

How I am with my best friends:

90% of my day:

How I feel at work everyday:


How I feel when I realize my husband and I are awesome:

When people ask me when we’re having kids:
Outside I’m like:

Inside I’m like:

And then they keep talking about it and I’m like:


When people start telling me things about their personal life that I don’t want to know:

When everyone around me is being an A-face:

When people start talking about having kids and everyone looks at me:

How I answer every question:

My unamused/not-actually-shocked look:

How I feel when someone moves/touches/takes something on my desk:

How I feel when people use incorrect grammar:

When people keep talking about things they know nothing about:

How I feel when I realize someone has commented on way too many Facebook posts:

How I dance:

To sum me up:

I’d apologize for all the GIFS, but I really don’t care….


(Note: I claim no credit for any of these, they are all from various interweb sources/ tumblrs)


Happy Belated Hump Day everyone… this is technically from yesterday but I forgot to post it:

-Must’ve had some bath salts cause I feel like a zombie today! (In my head that sounded like Sheriff Carter from Eureka)
In your head, in your headdd. Zombie zombie zombie eh eh eh…
-I’m not sure how much of that song is actual singing compared to just making noises.
-I could really go for a Mojito. Why, yes, I am channeling Sam Axe today. All I need now is my Hawaiian shirt, brother.
-BTW Burn Notice bloopers are hilarious!
-What a crazy, random happenstance!
-I’m excited for some grillin action!
-I need some sunshine & fresh air. I feel very Office Space “they took my stapler” today.
-I should just go work construction with a mullet-ed Deidrich Bader.
-So many times at O State that I wanted to go all Office Space on the printers.
-Ok, this has now officially lost all of the small amount of coherent-ness (see what I mean?) that it ever had.
-Know what I’m sayinnnnn?

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

Ahh, Yellowcard. No other band understands me quite like you do. Yesterday, Yellowcard’s new album, Southern Air came out. Naturally I pre-ordered it from Amazon a week ago and happily received it on my door step yesterday afternoon.

My husband isn’t a Yellowcard fan (he attempted to listen to a few songs on the new CD before giving up). That’s fine with me. Not everyone likes all the same things. In a way it’s nice because it makes me feel like Yellowcard is all mine. It’s frequently my music of choice in the car– but it’s so much more than that. Whatever it is I’m going through, they have a song for it. Their songs make me feel better when I’m down. They’re an epic anthem to my life. It’s my everyday background music. It’s inspiration for writing a great scene or blog post. It’s gratifying and uplifting.

My first instinct upon getting the CD wasn’t to stuff it into the nearest CD player. Instead, after dinner, I sat down and read through the book of lyrics. I patiently waited for this morning, when I could listen to it peacefully in my car. My car is where I get my best listening done. It’s where I can belt out the lyrics, or cry along with them. Happily, I put in the CD and turned the volume up. The first song– Awakening –started and they had me all over again. After the first bit of the lyrics, a much stronger guitar and drum background came in… immediately I was taken back to the days of Ocean Ave. This CD encapsulates all this is Yellowcard. Some old, some new, and everything you expect Yellowcard to be. Southern Air is a beautifully well-rounded album book-ended by the strong Awakening & Southern Air.

At this point I’m going to run through the 5 songs on the album that really stood out to me. While I enjoy and like them all, these five just stick out to me. I don’t want to give the songs away, though, so rather than talk about the lyrics, I’m going to talk about why they stand out to me.

Awakening– It’s that first punch. Every Yellowcard CD  starts off with a song of not-quite-describable Yellowcard-ness. It is epic and within the first 5 seconds of the song, you know you’re listening to a Yellowcard album. It falls right in with Way Away, Lights & Sounds, The Takedown, and  The Sound of You and Me.

Always Summer– The anthem song. It’s the type of song I turn up when I hear it. The one I can always listen to. The one that makes me feel better.  It strikes me the same way that Ocean Avenue, Only One, Light Up the Sky, and For You and Your Denial do.

Here I am Alive- The song that resonates with me. On every CD there are 1 or 2 songs that resonate with me as really relating to my life or helping me put things in perspective. It’s a go to song when I’m feeling down or upset or when I need a pick me up. It’s there to help me not feel so alone. This song immediately stood out to me like that, in the same way as Empty Apartment, Down on my Head, Hang You Up, City of Devils, Shrink the World, and You and me and One Spotlight.

Ten- The “crushing” song, as another reviewer put it. On every Yellowcard album, there is at least 1 song that makes me really think about things. At least 1 that is more emotional and that stands out the most. Listening to this song in the car this morning brought tears to my eyes. It is beautiful. And heartbreaking. It follows some of Yellowcard’s most poignant (and my favorite) songs: View From Heaven, Believe, Space Travel, Dear Bobbie, Sing for Me.

Southern Air- The closer. The final act. Yellowcard’s albums always have a great balance to them. While they’re all different, they have a consistent formula. Start with the punch, then tell the story with the mix of rock and smoother ballads, then close with an epic, beautiful, and gratifying song that makes us all listen to the CD all over again. Southern Air is no exception. It follows it’s predecessors Back Home, Holly Wood Died, Paper Walls, and Be the Young and like them, wraps up the album in a very fitting, understated, and yet epic way. It’s an anthem. It’s a story. It’s Yellowcard to the very core.

I know I didn’t mention much (OK, any) of early Yellowcard. That’s because, although I’ve listened to it, it’s not my niche as much as Ocean Ave., Lights & Sounds, Paper Walls, When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes, and Southern Air are. I understand that not everyone is a Yellowcard fan, but if you are, you’ll love this. Because it’s Yellowcard doing what they do best… writing and recording amazing, meaningful music that speaks to me and so many others out there. This album is great. It continues to push Yellowcard forward (including some amazing, strong vocal ranges from Ryan Key), and will hopefully introduce them to a whole new generation of fans. A new generation to grow up to and find solace in their music.

“This southern air is in my lungs. It’s in every word I’ve sung. It seems the only truth I know, is we’ll always be home.
Always be home, always be home…”


Happy hump day everyone.

-Sorry I’ve not been consistent with this… it ain’t my day job.
-But I promise an article on Yellowcard’s new album, Southern Air, by the end of the week.
-Which I’m already in love with. #amped #itslikebeingbackin2003 #hellyes
-OK, I’m done twitter speaking with the pound sign now. #promise
-Oops… I lied….
-Anyway… in my head I just said “anyway” the way Dr. Cox says it on Scrubs. I miss that show.
-I have so many different Yellowcard songs going through my head today it’s not even funny.
-My new TV show obsession is Eureka.
-Tyler & I are going to Maine & Connecticut in 2 weeks… so excited!
-Fall is in the air…. which I’m excited about!
-Which means I’ll be watching Gilmore Girls season 1 annnnnddd hopefully doing some retro recaps of it. 🙂
-Welp I suppose I’ll wrap this up. ‘Pologies for my absence.

Did I get lost while I was gone? I traveled space for much too long...”

Morning all…

-My apologies that I’ve not updated this in a while. I was busy/sick.
“I was dead at the time. I was on the moon. With Steve.”
-Ya know you get food poisoning once and it effs up your whole body.
-I had to go to the dentist yesterday…. I think you all know my thoughts on that…
-Sometimes, I just wanna run around and do the shit they do on Burn Notice.
-But I’d probably die.
-What I really want to do is just answer the phone like I’m Jack Bauer. “Yeah this is Smith. Go ahead. What? What?! Son of a– who?! Damn it!!!!!”
-But I see where that could confuse the person on the other end.
-I love Kiefer Sutherland…. and Eddie Izzard. Oh and Bruce Campbell.
-Note: if you aren’t getting the Eddie Izzard reference see my second “thought”.
-I’d love to put the three of them in a movie together. That would be fantastic.
-Ok… I’ve lost any sort of relevance whatsoever.
-Moving on…..

Kthxbye. Have a good rest of the week kids!

My husband has been on a kick lately, believing that he’s “fat.” Any of you who know him can feel free to get in line to smack him for thinking this. I try to tell him that his weight and BMI are just fine, but he persists. Today, he started talking about the “paleo diet,” and I immediately bristled. This sounds like a fad diet, I thought to myself. He told me the general idea: lean protein, carbs only from vegetables, and healthy fats. And exercise. So, I decided that before I wrote it off entirely, I’d look into it. Whenever I look into anything like this, I’ll do a general overview first. I look at an affiliated website, a blog or similar website talking about it, and the wikipedia page. If I feel I want/need more info then I’ll hit the research. Research is a fickle thing, though. Generally, you can always find something to verify for or against whatever it is. When I’m doing my overview, I look for a few key things: who came up with this, are the terms RD or Dietitian anywhere to be found, what’s the general plan, what type of exercise do they recommend, what does it claim or promise to do, and who (if anyone) endorses it.

Here’s the quick and dirty info that I got out of it:
-“I lost 25#!”- great! How? Was there exercise? Are you still doing this? Is it sustainable long term?
-“The secret is not in eating less, but knowing what to eat.” This is the question tests I always hated because its both true and false. You should know what to eat, but pure and simple if you eat too many calories it will become fat.
-“Results may not be typical.” Duh. Welcome to dieting 101.
-Lots and lots of shit about it to buy.
-A gastroenterologist first pioneered this.
-Theres a split about how good it actually is in the dietetic world.
-Lowers risk of disease*
-Lowers BP and Glucose*
-Lists variety of websites, journals, etc on its site… its unclear to me whether those actually support it, or if they just published articles about it.
-“Whenever I want to lose weight quick before a vacation…” cough fad diet cough.
-Lots and lots of restrictions (no healthy grains like quinoa or couscous, no dairy, no beverages except water, no fruits if trying to really lose weight).
-I looked around a lot and couldn’t really find anything that detailed the exercise required for it.
*= per research that I didn’t check out

Given all that info, I have some concerns. Now, I want to be clear, though I know some of that rundown sounded cynical, I truly went into this with high hopes. That list is a product of all the info I found out. Here are my concerns:
-We AREN’T hunter-gatherers anymore. We don’t spend all day walking miles and miles hunting then dragging back the catch. Also, they didn’t have a lot of food. They ate less, which this diet touts that you don’t have to.
-It comes off as a Fad diet, much like Atkins, which means it probably is. The thing about a diet is, it’s just that. It’s more focused on losing for the short term and not long term, whole health sustainability.
-It’s very intense. This goes back to sustainability and also practicality, you have to be able to keep this up long term without extreme effort. If you can’t then it’s just yo-yo dieting which isn’t safe or healthy.
-It really concerns me that there wasn’t anything about the exercise involved, and thats a huge piece of the puzzle. If you eat protein and don’t use it, it will turn to fat just like extra carbs. High protein=high exercise!
-It cuts out good grains and even root vegetables. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, and beets are great sources of nutrients. And grains like quinoa and couscous pack both protein and carbs into one great package.
-I’m not convinced that enough trustworthy sources support this.

All of that said… there are BIG issues with the “true american” diet as well. What I personally think (and have for a while), is that you need a healthy balance. So, my pro-tip here is to eat lean protein (slightly more than recommended), eat lots of fruits and veggies, eat healthy carbs (slightly less total carbs than recommended), eat generally whole/ minimally processed foods, exercise (!), and maintain balance and practicality. That is how you succeed. Why? It’s not a diet, it’s EATING HEALTHY. I also recommend that you follow the 80/20 rule and do really well 80% of the time, and the other 20 let yourself slip a little without any guilt. Use what the earth gives you, don’t eat over-processed stuff, remember to keep a good balance, exercise, and you’ll be fine. I admit, I haven’t been following those things as well as I should, but I plan to make a real effort to in the future.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this (something I learned in school & happen to love) :
A- Adequacy of amount of food & nutrients.
B- Balance of type of food and nutrients you eat.
C- Color. Lots of different colors=lots of different nutrients.
D- Density. Choose nutrient dense foods whenever possible.
M- Moderation. Everything. Especially sweets, but even with carbs, fat, and protein. Too much food = turned to fat.
V- Variety. Vary what you eat and you’ll get different nutrients and you won’t get bored. Try different styles of cooking like Mediterranean or Asian.
(I’d also add E to that for exercise!)

Now that– that is sustainable, healthy, and practical. It will also likely give you better results than any fad diet!

“It’s not a diet, it’s eating healthy!” – the first words the first dietitian I ever saw said to me, and what made me want to become a dietitian.

America! Fuck yeah!

Happy 4th of July all…

-I’m working a half day today cause I’m not really hardcore for Holidays other than Christmas.
-In fact the only thing I really care about is FIREWORKS!
-Yeah… Happy Birthday America! But seriously, fireworks!
-Anywayyyyy… got a new boss at work. He’s pretty legit.
-In fact theres a whole lotta shiz changing at my work right now.
-For some reason my patriotic spirit makes me want to listen to Centerfield by John Fogerty. Cause baseball is all american. And stuff.
I got a beat-up glove, a homemade bat, and a brand new pair of shoooees…
-Or maybe Creedence is just an all american sort of band to me…
-Welp, I guess I’ll wrap this up.
-Happy 4th everyone… go listen to Creedence, play some baseball, watch fireworks, eat apple pie, have a hamburger and other stereotypical American things!

“Just to hit the ball, and touch ’em all, a moment in the sun. It’s gone and you can’t tell that one went byyy..”


Happy Hump de Bump day!

-Yeah I have RHCP stuck in my head….

-It was a Fabulous day in mail, as I received my packages from amazon (2 Joshilyn Jackson books and and the movie Silver Streak), as well as a free sample of Biore products and an LLBean catalog.

-You should read things by Joshilyn Jackson. I highly recommend starting with gods in Alabama but all her books are fantastic. They are funny, witty, enthralling,  heartbreaking, and uplifting with a heavy dose of snarkiness.

-Now, I’m making coffee, so I can dig into those books with a cup of coffee in hand. Nothing sounds better. ❤

-If you’ve never seen Silver Streak watch that too. It’s comedically on par with Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, & (more modern) Hott Fuzz.

-I wish I had more time to devote to writing on here…

-I don’t understand a true use for tablets.

-Life never works out how you expect it to, and I’m just fine with that.

-I’m also good with the idea that no one else might ever read my scripts… but I’ll keep writing them because I love those stories and I love those characters.

-I need moreStargate SG-1 in my life.

There are gods in Alabama: Jack Daniel’s, high school quarterbacks, trucks, big tits, and also Jesus.


Hey everybody, so, it’s been 5 years since I graduated, so this is a tribute to my senior class and the 5 years that have gone by. It’s only been 5 years. But really, 5 years feels like a long time…

Five years ago, I was 18 and still (just barely) a senior in high school. I still lived with my parents. Most of my favorite TV shows were still on the air. I was a bit more into pop and hip-hop music (Glamorous or Ride Wit Me anyone?). For the most part I had a different group of friends than I have now. I was going to go to college in Buffalo to become a CPA. I had a boyfriend. I had a job at a local hardware store. I spent most nights with my boyfriend.  I stayed out til 1am. I went to Denny’s and Arnold park with Tyler & Kate at midnight. Prom was a recent memory and graduation was the immediate future.

Today, I’m 23 and both a high school and college graduate. I’m a homeowner. Most of my favorite TV shows have ended. I prefer alternative music most days. I have a mostly different group of friends. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition from SUNY Oneonta. The boy I was dating is my husband. I spend every night with him. I hardly ever stay up til 1am. Instead of Denny’s and Arnold Park, it’s grilling and walking up to the top of our property and it’s usually with Tyler, Chris, Mel, and Monica. Prom and graduation are distant, yet still very poignant, memories. The more immediate future revolves around jobs, housework, and eventually kids.

For those who have graduated 10, 15, 20, or 25 years ago, 5 years doesn’t seem life much. However, for me, it’s about the story that has been transcribed over the past 5 years.

In the months and years following my graduation from high school this is what I’ve done:

Had my first serious medical procedure. Lost my grandfather. Decided not to got to Buffalo. Or become a CPA. Went to BCC & Oneonta instead– for nutrition. Got engaged. Moved in the my fiance. Survived driving 3 hours in a giant snow storm. Gained confidence. Experienced family fights in a new way. Got married. Learned (& keep learning) how to be in a relationship. Switched jobs. Went through life-changing family things. Became an Aunt. Became a Godmother. Learned new things about myself and became a stronger person. Had friendships, that I never thought would, become so much stronger. And had friendships, that I never thought would, fail. Learned what it means to truly be a role model. Learned how to be a better friend. Adopted a cat. Learned not to care what other people think. Worked hard in school. Graduated, and watched my husband graduate from college.  Held a wedding ceremony.  Got, and watched my husband get, a professional job. Moved back to the Southern Tier. Adopted a second cat. Bought a house. Became an Aunt again. And so. much. more…….

So much has happened in five years, sometimes it feels incredibly quick and other times it feels unbelievably long.  It’s weird, because those 4 years of college feel more distant than my senior year did. Sometimes 06-07 still feels like yesterday, and I think it’s because of how I lived my life then. In college, I found myself tired and frustrated on a regular basis. It was about getting from one day to the next. Now, it’s different. I cherish every moment and make beautiful memories that will last a lifetime, much like I did in my senior year. That’s probably why I miss it so much. That doesn’t mean that I want to just go back there. Sometimes, I’d like to go there, just for an hour– to Kate’s car on senior lunch, blaring Glamorous –to escape, because life was simpler back then. Less responsibility, jobs that were less important, no houses, babies, or big responsibilities. Not because I don’t love everything I have now– I do, but just because it would be nice for things to be so easy again… just for a few minutes. I’m happy with my life now, I was happy then too, just in different ways.

So, here’s to the class of 2007, wherever you may be from, but especially to my OFA Indians. Our lives have changed and grown so much and they’ll continue to, but we’ll always share those beautiful memories (The Great Bouncy Ball prank, O-Zone, making the Spartans sign say ‘OFA ’07’. Ride Wit Me being our unofficial prom song, and so much more…). Here’s to the next five years and all the breathtaking, heartbreaking, life changing, and amazingly beautiful moments they will undoubtedly bring. Cheers…

And, here’s to the class of 2012, before you know it, you’ll be looking back at the last 5 years… so enjoy every moment!

“It’s times like these you learn to live again. It’s times like these you give and give again. It’s times life these you learn to love again. It’s times like these, time and time again.” -Foo Fighters


Once an Indian, always an Indian…

Holy hot hump day, Batman!

-Today’s the first day of summer, kids. Ya know, in case you didn’t notice.

-Hope everybody’s staying cool today.

-It’s been nearly 5 years since I graduated from OFA. #timeflies

-Work makes me feel like this today: fbfhrsujhzdbeyuiexdrw

-I could go for some 90’s TV…

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh this is All That….

-Yeah, I can bust out 90’s theme songs like nobody’s business.

-OMG, anyone else remember slap bracelets? And smacking your friends with them? 😉

-I just can’t watch Hell’s Kitchen anymore… besides it being a ridiculous carbon copy of last season, it’s all about drama and not about Gordon Ramsay being a dick awesome or, what’s the word… oh yeah — COOKING!

-But I do still love Master Chef… though I find myself missing Ben Stahh (Ben Starr). He was my favorite.

-Guess that’s all my randomness for now. TTFN (ta ta for now).

-Yes, I’m 23 and still love Winnie the Pooh #chubbylittlecubbyallstuffedwithfluff

OK, now I’m really done…

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