I’m gonna jump right in here and just say it: job hunting sucks. The feeling you get when you get a call for and interview, well there’s nothing like it. And the feeling you get when they tell you that you didn’t get the job, well there’s nothing like that either. I went on my third and fourth job interviews today and left one feeling utterly confused because they only asked me two questions, and the other feeling nervous because I desperately want that job. Now here I am, sick of this transitional phase of my life and ready to move on and be settled. Hell, I wouldn’t have gotten marred at 20 if I wasn’t a little accelerated in adult life. Yeah, I know that sentence sounded weird. I keep telling myself Que Sera Sera but it’s so not working.

Of course my dream job is actually to be a writer. A script writer. I have written scripts for three TV shows (one which has many episodes written out thus far), but I am horrified at the idea of sending them to an agency for two main reasons. 1.) I don’t want my dream to die. Sometimes it’s easier to imagine it then to go for it and lose. 2). I want to do more than just write, I created these characters and these stories and I am committed to them. I love them. I don’t want to see someone else take them on their journey. That in itself is scary. So I suppose you could say my real dream job is to be part of a production company.

Dream job= scary. Job hunting=sucks. But you won’t get 100% of the things you don’t try for. With that, perhaps the next cover letter I send will be to an agency rather than a hospital…