I’m watching One Tree Hill right now. And regardless of whether you love or hate the show or the borderline soap opera story lines, in my opinion the show is worth it just for the music. Right at this moment My Hometown by Bruce Springsteen is playing, but beyond that some of my favorite bands/songs were originally heard on this show. Yellowcard, my favorite band ever, I first heard on One Tree Hill and Laguna Beach. Always Love by Nada Surf and Far More by the Honorary Title are two of my favorite songs ever. One Tree Hill is where I’ve heard them. I think that’s because the show’s creator, Mark Schwahn, has a love for music and a true understanding of the power it has. It can change the simplest scene in a show into something beautiful or heart wrenching. Or as they’ve mentioned on the show, one song can change an entire day.

That’s true for me. Music has an incredible power for many people. If I’m feeling exasperated or I’m having a truly awful day, I know if I listen to City of Devils I can let some of it go. I know that I will smile the second I hear Always Love. I know I will feel at peace when I hear Your Wildest Dreams. I know that when I’m feeling melancholy, I can listen to Coffee and Cigarettes. I know when I am beyond pissed, listening to War Sweater will make me feel better. And when I need to ball my eyes out I can listen to Broken, Love Song, Best of my Love, A House is not a Home, or  The Way we Were. I know that when I hear I Know You’re Out There Somewhere, I’ll get this feeling of a beautiful song, that I see as a reconnection between two people. When I’m road tripping, Billy Joel or Yellowcard will be playing in the car. When I’m in a fun and relaxed mood, Keeping the Faith or Only the Good Die Young will be blaring from my speakers. If I’m in my car, you know there’s music playing.

Music speaks to me. It helps me feel less alone. It’s a stress reliever. It’s a celebration. It’s happiness. It’s fun. I’ve never had a power to write beautiful music but I feel so connected to it. It tells it’s own story. When you combine it with the writing of someone else, it tells an entirely different story, and there’s something I find incredibly beautiful about that.

Often when I get an idea for a scene, it comes from a song. I think of how I can use it in the story lines I have in my head, and some of my best scenes have come from that process. Music is a big part of why I write. Just as music makes me feel comforted and less alone for 5 minutes, so does a good scene or episode of a TV show, especially one that uses music effectively. If I could do that, make someone feel less alone, then I’ve accomplished something.

In my opinion, music can say things the heart can’t even dream of.