Welcome to my new series, in which I’ll (I’d like to say everyday, but really as often as I can) I’ll inundate you all with my random thoughts, stories, or annoyances. Enjoy!

-Babies: There’s a new policy in our house currently, if you ask my husband or I when we plan on having kids (or anything to that effect), you have to put money in a jar. I’m also considering instigating this for online use as well where people will pay via paypal. Here’s why: the decision to have a child is an extremely personal thing, as is going through the stages of trying to get pregnant. It can sometimes be devastating. Maybe I’ll get pregnant next month, maybe next year, but the fact is it’s my life. So until such time that I get pregnant and am into a safe stage in said pregnancy, it will stay between me, my husband, and God. Kaythanks. 🙂
-I had to get two teeth drilled into on Monday. My jaw still hurts from the Novacaine shot. I hate the dentist.
-I find myself missing looking forward to watching OTH every week. 😦
-Mobile versions of websites are generally pretty terrible.
-I really hate the dentist.
-I’m ready for summer! 🙂
-Which reminds me it’s snowed more in the last 2 days than all of December combined. >:O
-I can’t stand when TV shows are one week on then off the next (I’m looking at you CBS!).
Glee finally had more than 10 minutes of actual plot this week.
-Did I mention I really really hate the dentist?