-Hallelujah, it’s Friday!
-Bruce Campbell is pretty much awesome.
-I’m officially an aunt again!
-I love quotable things.
-That’s probably why I love Gilmore Girls so much.
-I kinda like the idea of just blogging out into the universe.
-I just realized I hate the word “blogging”.
-Doing what you love (even if it’s not your career) is extremely underrated. Find your passion, whatever it is, and utilize it!
-I think accountability is one of the most important and most lacking values in the workplace & in life.
-I hold everyone to the same standards I hold myself to. It’s not always fair but there it is…
-I’m a 23 year old female yet I still find Jackass movies incredibly funny.
-And in case you couldn’t tell, my interests are “teasingly diverse,” (love those Gilmore Girls quotes).

Peace out kids.