-Oh how I hate dentists….that’s right kids, my tooth is still effed. FML.

-Brighter note, new admin started a work. Ch ch ch changes.

-Celebrated my good friend’s birthday with some good times and delicious food… only thing missing was some BC.

-I wrote some other more deep and thoughtful posts but I’ve legitimately had no time to type them. Not even a little bit.

-Hell, my life is ridiculous with business.

-Had more fun with friends.

-Did an extreme amount of yard work. Ouch. Tomorrow’s gonna hurt.

[Sidebar: I now have “Then the Morning Comes” by Smashmouth stuck in my head.]

-I then did housework.

-Even though I have time today, I’m not going to type those more deep and introspective blogs, because my brain is just not happenin’.