Happy hump day:

-I just had to look to see what date it is, even though I’ve written it about 40 times today…
-Today’s the sort of day where I just wanted to call into work and watch Dirty Dancing. And Casablanca. But I didn’t. Damn my work ethic!
-BTW I have As Time Goes By stuck in my head… “Play it Sam, play As Time Goes By…”
-I desperately need some sunshine.
-Every single time I scribble anything out I do it like I have to at work: two lines through it with an “e” at the end. Then I catch myself and realize it’s not work related. Palmface. #firstworldproblems
-Glee ended on a depressing (but good) way last night. It was also depressing cause all my shows for the season are over. #morefirstworldproblems
-But thats means Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef start.
-Now I’m thinking of Master Chief. Oh how I love Halo.
-I digress back to TV shows… Gilmore Girls and OTH will suffice just fine to get me through the summer.
-Oh yeah and not to mention grilling/bonfires/parties/vacations.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid(s)….