Evening all!

After this evening I have a few thoughts to share with you.

The people we meet and have in our lives are certainly an interesting mix. We have people who push us and challenge us and force us– in good ways. We also have people who hurt us, tear us down, break our hearts, stab us in the back, or who are just mean to us. Sometimes those are people we can cut out and unfortunately, sometimes they aren’t. The greatest thing, though? We have people who support us, help us, build us up, treat us kindly, cherish us, love us, smile with us, cry with us, and laugh hysterically with us. Those are the ones who matter.

See, in life we’ll cross all those people, for good or bad, for short or long-term. It’s taken me a long time to realize that the people who are bad to us, who bring us down, they aren’t the ones that matter. Even if they’re someone who should be better than that. Even if they’re someone we care about, who we want to be better for us. At the end of the day, what they say and what they do might break us for the moment, but they can’t just break who we are. Waiting after all those people, are the ones who love us.  So, I don’t really feel angry at them anymore. I kind of pity those people… because if all they have in life is trying to be mean to others… then, what do they really have? If that’s all that matters to them? I realized that all those hurtful things people say can’t take away my life. They can’t take away my husband, or the house we worked so hard to buy and make our own, the people who love me, my cats, my writing, my Wednesday night grilling, or laughing hysterically with my best friends at some random and extremely cheesy movie.

So, while I’ll never be rid of the stupidity, the pettiness, the drama, or the just plain mean people out there; at the end of the day I’ll come home to better things. I’ll let the rest of it roll off my back. No amount of other stuff can take those amazing things in life away from me. I truly do have a good life. I love it. I love having bonfires with my closest friends, talking and laughing with my mother in law, watching my niece laugh, writing an amazing scene… none of the greatness in my life can be taken away. I won’t let it. Think about all the good things in life, next time someone decides to be a jackass. 😛

“We’re young enough to say, oh this has gotta be the good life…”