As is becoming a Wednesday tradition….

-Happy hump day! Though this week feels much quicker thanks to Memorial day weekend.
-Record breaking heat past couple of days. Summer is here!
-Which makes me want to listen to Summertime by the Fresh Prince.
-Btw who else loves Fresh Prince of Bel Air?!
-“In West Philadelphia born and raised….”
-Yep I can def rap/sing that whole song. #90skid
-Does anyone else in the world remember the kids show, Ghostwriter?!
-Or disney channel’s Bug Juice. I loved that show.
-It’s officially been 5 years since my senior prom.
-Ahh here’s to Zaza’s (eat the eyes!), standing on street corners fully decked in prom stuff when it’s 90 degrees, having random guys stop at a green light at said street corner to rap to you, limo drivers who like the same music as high school kids, and pre-prom being the BEST part of prom.
-A total of 2 people will get that last statement.

“Yo homes smell ya later!”