Bet you thought I forgot about you….

-Today is my dear friend Laura’s birthday! Happy Birthday. ❤

-Almost time to get my grill on.

-People sing Red Solo Cup at work…. makes me want to stab them or possibly myself with a fork. NO MORE!

-I had like 7 thoughts for this earlier and they’ve all escaped me now.

-Es-capé (yes, I’m trying to phonetically spell the way Dorey says it in Finding Nemo).

-Kenan & Kel! (Yeah, that was random. Hence the title of this post).

-Q: Who Loves Orange Soda? (A: Kel loves Orange Soda)

-When will the rainy days end?

-I could go for some Creedence right now ( Rain->Who’ll Stop the Rain-> Creedence)



I do, I do, I do-oo!