It’s that special time of week everyone…
Happy humping day!

-I have the song Faithfully stuck in my head.
-Which is kinda like having Red Solo Cup stuck in my head, in that it embeds itself in there. Except I actually like the song Faithfully.
-My apologies that my posts have been sporadic at best, I gotta busy life.
I’m still yours….
-Strawberry Festival this weekend! So excited, seeing as I’ve missed it the last 2 years.
-The only time I miss having more than basic channels is in the summer, cause thats where all the good shows are.
-I suppose my DVD sets will have to suffice for now…
-I genuinely can’t believe its the middle of June… where the eff did the last year of my life go?!
-Yesterday whilst doing hours of monotonous computer work, I started making up songs about what I was doing– like Marshall does in HIMYM.
-I love his laundry song. But I’m back too soon, because I left the room without detergent and some quarters…
-I want to watch something with BC (Bruce Campbell for those of you not privy to my vernacular) kicking someone/things ass.

I’m forever yours… faithfully…