Morning all…

-My apologies that I’ve not updated this in a while. I was busy/sick.
“I was dead at the time. I was on the moon. With Steve.”
-Ya know you get food poisoning once and it effs up your whole body.
-I had to go to the dentist yesterday…. I think you all know my thoughts on that…
-Sometimes, I just wanna run around and do the shit they do on Burn Notice.
-But I’d probably die.
-What I really want to do is just answer the phone like I’m Jack Bauer. “Yeah this is Smith. Go ahead. What? What?! Son of a– who?! Damn it!!!!!”
-But I see where that could confuse the person on the other end.
-I love Kiefer Sutherland…. and Eddie Izzard. Oh and Bruce Campbell.
-Note: if you aren’t getting the Eddie Izzard reference see my second “thought”.
-I’d love to put the three of them in a movie together. That would be fantastic.
-Ok… I’ve lost any sort of relevance whatsoever.
-Moving on…..

Kthxbye. Have a good rest of the week kids!