Happy hump day everyone.

-Sorry I’ve not been consistent with this… it ain’t my day job.
-But I promise an article on Yellowcard’s new album, Southern Air, by the end of the week.
-Which I’m already in love with. #amped #itslikebeingbackin2003 #hellyes
-OK, I’m done twitter speaking with the pound sign now. #promise
-Oops… I lied….
-Anyway… in my head I just said “anyway” the way Dr. Cox says it on Scrubs. I miss that show.
-I have so many different Yellowcard songs going through my head today it’s not even funny.
-My new TV show obsession is Eureka.
-Tyler & I are going to Maine & Connecticut in 2 weeks… so excited!
-Fall is in the air…. which I’m excited about!
-Which means I’ll be watching Gilmore Girls season 1 annnnnddd hopefully doing some retro recaps of it. 🙂
-Welp I suppose I’ll wrap this up. ‘Pologies for my absence.

Did I get lost while I was gone? I traveled space for much too long...”