Happy Belated Hump Day everyone… this is technically from yesterday but I forgot to post it:

-Must’ve had some bath salts cause I feel like a zombie today! (In my head that sounded like Sheriff Carter from Eureka)
In your head, in your headdd. Zombie zombie zombie eh eh eh…
-I’m not sure how much of that song is actual singing compared to just making noises.
-I could really go for a Mojito. Why, yes, I am channeling Sam Axe today. All I need now is my Hawaiian shirt, brother.
-BTW Burn Notice bloopers are hilarious!
-What a crazy, random happenstance!
-I’m excited for some grillin action!
-I need some sunshine & fresh air. I feel very Office Space “they took my stapler” today.
-I should just go work construction with a mullet-ed Deidrich Bader.
-So many times at O State that I wanted to go all Office Space on the printers.
-Ok, this has now officially lost all of the small amount of coherent-ness (see what I mean?) that it ever had.
-Know what I’m sayinnnnn?

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.