My Life in a Nutshell (or in GIFS):

How I am with my best friends:

90% of my day:

How I feel at work everyday:


How I feel when I realize my husband and I are awesome:

When people ask me when we’re having kids:
Outside I’m like:

Inside I’m like:

And then they keep talking about it and I’m like:


When people start telling me things about their personal life that I don’t want to know:

When everyone around me is being an A-face:

When people start talking about having kids and everyone looks at me:

How I answer every question:

My unamused/not-actually-shocked look:

How I feel when someone moves/touches/takes something on my desk:

How I feel when people use incorrect grammar:

When people keep talking about things they know nothing about:

How I feel when I realize someone has commented on way too many Facebook posts:

How I dance:

To sum me up:

I’d apologize for all the GIFS, but I really don’t care….


(Note: I claim no credit for any of these, they are all from various interweb sources/ tumblrs)